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the subzone where the mechanical resistance of the soil matrix is adequate is the mechanically bulked subzone. the mechanically bulked subzone is depicted in figure 3-5 as the third layer of profiles f and g. as the soil reaches mechanical bulking, graphic strength increases and horizon workability increases, as shown in figure 3-9. a mechanically bulked subzone has little structural continuity, and, unlike the water-compacted subzone, it has high structural rigidity. as a consequence, the structure of the soil is altered such that the upper surface is more resistant to tensile stresses than is the lower surface.

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if the flow of water is insufficient to prevent saturation, saturation may reach the laminar subzone, as shown in figure 3-10. in this instance, runoff is less than the amount needed to maintain saturation.

crack length is the longest possible dimension of a crack as measured on an exposed vertical cross section and includes the depth to which it penetrates the profile. the length of a crack is directly proportional to its mouth-to-drip depth. cracks are identified by their mouth location, depth, and length. heads and tails of cracks indicate anisotropic or directionally-dependent properties of the soil. head and tail are usually used for soil pores. pores at the head and tail of a crack are considered part of it.

confinement is a retention or restriction of water flow by a fluid substance. this effect may be of any size and cause any degree of water storage or accumulation. water confinements can be created by natural and man-made materials, including structures and materials incorporated in constructed landscapes. water content is a function of soil type, soil texture, the amount of precipitation, and the amount of plant cover. accumulated water may have a single surface exposure or may be constrained within depressions in the soil.


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