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Christopher Evans
Christopher Evans

Red Faction: Armageddon Complete

The main playing line game begins five years after the relocation underground (the tutorial takes place immediately before the destruction of the terraformer, which the MC had a direct *albeit unintentional* hand in) and follows the story of Darius Mason, grandson of Martian Revolution heroes, Alec Mason and Samanya who were the main characters of Red Faction: Guerrilla, who runs a lucrative series of businesses based in Bastion, the underground hub of Colonist activity, including mining, scavenging and mercenary-work. Only a few sane people venture to the now-ravaged surface of Mars, apart from contractors like Darius and smugglers who smuggle goods between settlements. Darius is tricked into re-opening a mysterious seal in an old Marauder temple which releases a long-dormant evil race of aliens known as the Plague causing an Armageddon on/in Mars. The Plague are related to the first Red Faction game and were first discovered by Ultor Corporation. Axel Capek was driven insane by his studies of the creatures, but he was able to confine them to the cave system which Darius uncovered before completely losing his mind. (Note: The Creeper aliens look quite similar to the 'dog' aliens of the first game, first encountered in Capek's caves. There are differences, the ones in the first game do not glow, and have less spikes, but this could be due to the graphical design generation gap). Colonist and Marauder settlements alike are torn apart by the new enemies with Darius and the Red Faction having to save the Martian population once again.

Red Faction: Armageddon Complete

Red Faction: Armageddon marginalizes, or outright ignores, some of the best qualities of its predecessor, the gleefully destructive Marsbox Red Faction: Guerilla. In place of that game's open world and its boundless opportunities for completely wrecking everything in sight, Armageddon constrains your freedom to an unflinchingly linear corridor crawl. The destructible environments are still here, but they're largely reduced to window dressing, except when they're actively getting in the way of your progress. There's a handful of neat weapons and vehicle sequences over the course of the campaign, but they aren't enough to redeem Armageddon's functional but bland and often repetitive third-person shooting. 041b061a72


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