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Top Backcountry Dog Gear of 2021

The best products for your next hike or camping trip with Fido.

Tired of your pup getting made fun of at the dog park for not having the latest gear? Upgrade today with the latest products from Ruffwear, the leading innovator of outdoor dog apparel for the backcountry. They carry everything from collars and leashes to winter coats and rain jackets. All of their products are made from sustainably sourced materials and come with a guarantee against manufacturer defects. Not to mention, your dog is going to look great.

Atlas dog overlook of mountains in colorado with harness, vagabond guru

Crag dog leash by ruffwear, vagabond guru

I know what you’re thinking: it's a leash, how great could it be? Let me put it this way - my life is divided into two major periods: before and after I owned this leash. I wasn’t even aware leashes could have features, but this baby has it all. Full adjustable on the fly from 3.5ft to 6ft depending on your activity. The adjustable buckle on the handle allows this leash to be waist worn or use it to quickly attach your dog to something while you run into the store without taking them off leash. The collar clip is strong, secure and can be used one-handed. Strong, reflective webbing for early morning or late evening visibility.

I have owned many dog leashes in my lifetime and will never return to the Pre-Crag Leash period of my life.

Atlas dog harness for mountain biking in Galbraith Washington, vagabond guru

This harness has become a staple among our dog adventure accessories and for good reason. The secure buckle on the back of the harness is perfect for bike rides or hikes with your dog. It is built solidly enough to help lift your dog over bumpy terrain when in pursuit of your next summit. Comfortable enough for all-day wear and the bright colors are very helpful for keeping track of your dog when off-leash.

Atlas dog with backpack on King's Peak Utah hiking trail, vagabond guru

Tired of carrying your dog’s crap while backpacking - make them carry it! This piece of gear is the one we are asked most often about while on the trail. Free up room in your backpack and never carry poop bags on a multi-day excursion again. The carrying handle on the back helps keep a secure handle on your pooch when going over obstacles and the saddlebags are large enough to carry bulky gear like blankets and the other gear on this list. It is recommended your dog carry no more than 25% of their weight, so start light and work your way up as they get used to wearing the bag.

Atlas dog on winter hiking trail with stumptown dog jacket coat, vagabond guru

This stylish jacket looks great and is as much at home in your local ski-town as it is in the backcountry. Great for evenings around the campfire or cold mornings on the trail. He even sleeps in the jacket overnight to keep warm in the tent. The material is water repellent for light rains and warm enough for mid-winter hikes in the snow. There is even a leash portal on the back that allows access to their harness underneath. With summer winding down, I cannot recommend this jacket enough!

Atlas dog raincoat jacket on King's Peak Utah hiking trail, vagabond guru

Nothing worse than a wet, cold dog while on the trail, especially when it's time to load up into the car. Get ahead of the issue with this doggy raincoat. We used this jacket on a multi-day bike ride through the rainforest’s of Washington state and were very pleased with how dry Atlas was when it was time to snuggle up in the two-person tent. The last thing we needed was a wet dog who loves climbing into our sleeping bags, so this jacket was a real game-changer. It also works very well as a windbreaker on gusty days and it is lightweight, so it packs up very small.

Dog skiing with winter jacket ruffwear, vagabond guru

Tired of your dog getting laughed off the mountain for wearing last year’s steeze? This weather resistant and insulated jacket is perfect for your next winter adventure. The arm sleeves help keep snow out and the synthetic insulation will keep your pup cozy warm while romping through the snow. It also looks great for when your dog is looking to schmooze with the local snow-puppies.

Other Notable Accessories:

  • Basecamp Dog Bed - great looking and durable dog bed for your next camping adventure

  • Beacon Waterproof Safety Light - durable, rechargeable light with multiple color modes. Great for keeping track of your dog at night around the campsite or early morning hikes.

  • Polar Trex Winter Dog Boots - these insulated dog boots are great for keeping your pup’s paws warm during winter excursions. A must for backcountry skiing or snowshoeing adventures with your partner in crime.

  • Omnijore Dog Joring System - I would be remiss if I did not even mention this dog-joring system. Turn your pup in to a single-dog sled team and let them take you for a ride this winter.

dog joring system ruffwear winter, vagabond guru

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