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Buy Vintage Clothing

If you too love, well, the pre-loved, check out our guide on where to find vintage home goods and learn how to score vintage denim! Or, if you want to sell your worn wardrobe favorites, check out where to sell your secondhand clothing online.

buy vintage clothing

Being creative has an amazing impact on your body and mind. You might not be a poet or a painter, and you might be tempted to think that there is no creative side to you, but vintage clothing tells your story in a different way.

It is almost certain that you would not find other people wearing your type of vintage jacket or shirt. Shopping for vintage is like an easy search for treasure, and when you find that amazing piece that you love, there is no greater joy!

By buying vintage, you are not only helping to make a stand against large-scale pollution; you will be assisting the eco-friendly part of the fashion industry and ultimately doing our eco-system a favor.

The same concept can be applied to the trims and fastenings of a vintage piece. Look out for metal zippers and snap closures as opposed to plastic or vinyl ones, especially from older hardware manufacturers like Scoville, Universal, Talon, and Crown. Older garments will also be more likely to feature horn, wood, mother of pearl, or metal buttons/snaps, as opposed to plastic ones.

The Cats Pajamas Vintage clothing store is an online vintage shop for women, men, and children. We specialize in all types of vintage clothing and vintage accessories. We have vintage jackets, antique jewelry, retro dresses, and lots more! In other words, we have it all!

Our vintage fashion is often used for costuming for film, television, or theatre productions. If you have an upcoming production and are looking for specific vintage items or you would like to buy in volume or wholesale, contact Miss Kitty.

We love scouring estate sales and thrift stores. Therefore, most of our vintage pieces come from original owners who have lovingly saved their precious possessions. They were from an era when a person only had one good set of clothing to wear on Sunday. And, of course, we love the everyday housedresses, jeans, and old beat-up workwear. Clothing that saw real life.

We are an independent, woman-owned, wholesale vintage clothing business based out of Philadelphia, PA., offering men's, women's, & children's vintage fashions from the Victorian era through the 2000s. You can shop online, or come in and "pick your own" at our Philadelphia warehouse!3843 D Street, Philadelphia, PA 19124.

While anyone may shop online, our products are not intended for personal use so we do not offer size options. Our goal is to provide quality vintage to re-sellers, designers, costumers, and stylists.

Creativity never goes out of style, and neither does vintage clothing. Many vintage styles are simply no longer available or expected to pop up in the contemporary fashion world. This means more opportunities to put together outfits that are entirely your own.

Mercy Too is an additional location of Mercy Vintage, located just across the street, selling vintage denim, tees, workwear, and our Future Vintage collection. All buying for Mercy's stores is done here!

But where do you find vintage? There are endless options, cities like Amsterdam, London Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen have loads of amazing vintage stores, while Antwerp, Brussels and Paris are also known for their vintage markets. Vintage shopping in stores and markets can be time consuming to find your size and style, but can also be fun and rewarding. Vintage shopping can also be done online, for example on or on the ASOS Marketplace, where dozens of vintage boutiques sell their collections.

Many of the costumes are vintage and are handmade unique items that cannot be found anywhere else. Costumes cannot be held and are being sold on a first come first serve basis. Visit us today to secure your look!

Maude Vintage began in November of 2000 in a nearby downtown basement location. My goal, then as now, is to live life to the fullest through self-expression (fashion!) and sustainability (reduce, reuse, recycle!). Back then, it was just me. Over two decades we've grown into a tight knit crew of seven, dedicated to serving our community and visitors an eclectic curated stock of vintage clothing and accessories. If you are interested in knowing more about my beginnings check out this article by Kate Smart.

Stroll back through time in our curated vintage multi-floor layout. You will find the the 80s and 90s on the first floor, 60s and 70s on the second floor and 50s and older along with our evening, formal, cocktail wear and wedding in the birds nest.

One of the biggest advantages that an online thrift store has over its brick-and-mortar counterpart is that you can effortlessly apply filters to the goodies in an online store. However, not every online vintage store makes it equally easy for you to narrow down your browsing options.

Much of the joy of shopping vintage is the thrill of finding designer items at knocked-down prices. Some vintage stores specialize in selling only designer labels, such as Vestiaire Collective, which will only sell authenticated designer fashion. It has a huge stock of labels like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Celine clothing and jewelry, as well as rare, unlabeled boutique items.

You can also browse one of the biggest collections of vintage Chanel alongside Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Gucci at What Goes Around Comes Around, or buy higher-end vintage from designers that include Chanel and Valentino from Archive Vintage.

Of course, not everyone turns to secondhand shopping for designer finds. Many people frequent thrift shops specifically for obscure clothing, bygone fashions, and unheard-of-labels, not to mention lower prices.

Outdoor buffs and Patagonia loyalists will have plenty to yodel about on Patagonia Worn Wear, an official Patagonia site that offers authentic secondhand apparel from the iconic brand. Patagonia Worn Wear features a large supply of slightly worn, discounted clothing for men, women, and children ranging from jackets and vests to pullovers, packs, and gear.

Curated, feminine, and romantic dresses, skirts, shirts, and coats are on offer at Adored Vintage, which takes women such as Julia Child and Diana Vreeland as iconic style models. Shoppers after delightful vintage dresses will find the biggest range here. Hipsters will be happy browsing at Rokit, based in the extremely hip and trendy Camden Town area of London.

Maddy Pease, a fourth-year design media arts student, and Artemis Mansur, a second-year communication and psychology student, founded an online clothing shop called Cherry Pickings Vintage in January. Pease and Mansur sell vintage clothing, which they sometimes collect as they travel for leisure. Their clothes range in origin from Paris to San Francisco. (Photo by Kanishka Mehra/Daily Bruin, Graphic by Ryan Kuang/Daily Bruin)

While browsing through a vintage shop, Artemis Mansur found an embroidered vest. She checked the tag, learned that it was handmade in Vietnam in the 1950s, and decided it was so special that she had to buy it, she said.

Pease said vintage collections also have appeal due to their durability. The durability and quality of the clothes they sell shows in how well they hold up over time. Something bought from Forever 21 usually falls apart after you wash it due to the mass production of fast fashion, Pease said, but vintage clothing sells better because it has survived for so long.

Pease said a vintage aesthetic is something Cherry Pickings Vintage also focuses on for their marketing. She takes photos for the brand, sometimes implementing her own film photography style. For example, she said they took the photos for their business-oriented collection in Downtown LA and hope to do a future shoot for a Western line in Joshua Tree National Park. 041b061a72


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