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How To Buy A Verizon Sim Card [BETTER]

Yes. Your phone's SIM card (or eSIM profile) is associated with a carrier, plan and billing account. Even if your device is compatible with another carrier, you'll need a new SIM that connects to their network.

how to buy a verizon sim card

Currently, eSIM and compatible 4G and 5G SIM cards work on the Verizon 5G network.If you have a device you want to bring to Verizon 5G, check compatibility of the SIM at our BYOD page.Important: Moving a 5G SIM card to a 4G device won't enable that device to connect to the 5G network.

Note: If you remove a SIM card and install it in a different device, we'll send a confirmation text to the new device. Use the link in the text to get the re-installed SIM card correctly set up on the Verizon network.SIM card care tips:

Note: If you reuse a SIM card you'll get a text from us to the new device. Use the link in our message to get the device set up properly on our network.*Replacement devices sent by an insurer may require you to move your SIM card.

All Verizon SIM cards have "1111" as the default SIM PIN. Set a unique SIM PIN to prevent unauthorized use of your card. Our device support page has instructions for each make/model.Important: Remember your SIM PIN because Verizon Customer Service can't see it. You'll need it:

That is a totally disgusting and inexcusable policy for Verizon to implement and I do hope the previous post was in error. It seems to me that if I provide my own VZW-compatible 4G device that I should have the option to order service sans contract for it and have said SIM card provided by VZW. That is the way things are done on GSM networks, and I'm damned if I'll be obligated to buy a 4G device from Verizon at god-knows-what inflated prices as my only option for 4G service if I can get it cheaper somewhere else.

I just recently activated a Nexus purchased from a third-party on my active phone line (Thunderbolt). I walked into a corporate store and asked for a new 4G LTE SIM card since the Nexus has a different sized SIM. I was not charged for the card and the store rep were happy to help me. The rep activated both the SIM and the phone in store.

It should work similar as if a person tried to activate the device throught their online My Verizon account. There is a page in the activation process that asks you if a new SIM card is needed and Verizon will mail one out to the customer.

I have bought many devices from Apple and Verizon has never balked at activating. You just go to corporate store and SIM card is free. If it is a new line, there will be activation fee, but that is all.

Thank you Ann - I wondered if that would be the case. I'm prepared to do that IF I'm not going to run into a SIM card hassle. I'm just leery of Verizon due to experience I've had and the way their "ownership" and control of devices plays out, contrary to every other service provider. They don't seem to want to play nice - with Apple devices at least. Since Verizon is the only carrier with usable signal in my area it's them or no one. So I might just say "never mind" even though this is a service I want. I appreciate everyone's help. Interesting no one from Verizon has spoken up.

Thank you to everyone who responded. Long talk with Verizon store mgr today. Not sure exactly what I'll do, but at least I know that whatever, the SIM card question was taken care of, and I was taken good care of as well.

For a limited time, customers who switch to T-Mobile from an eligible carrier can bring their eligible phone and we will reimburse up to $800 per line on remaining device payment balance (up to 5 voice lines) via virtual prepaid card (card usually takes 15 days). So you can keep your new 5G phone, keep your number AND get the 5G your phone deserves on America's largest, fastest & most reliable 5G network.

You can have multiple plans on your iPad by signing up on your iPad with multiple carriers, adding multiple eSIM plans, and inserting a SIM card in the nano-SIM tray. To switch between active plans, go to Settings > Cellular Data and tap the plan you want to use under Cellular Plans.

For Surface devices that have both a SIM card slot and eSIM, select SIM1 from Use this SIM for cellular data to use your SIM. Learn more about your cellular data settings in Cellular settings in Windows.

Select Start > Settings > Network & internet > Cellular to choose a data plan. To use your mobile operator SIM card, select SIM1 for Use this SIM for cellular data. To use the data plan on your eSIM, do one of the following, depending on which Surface with LTE Advanced or 5G model you have:

If you have both types of data plans (one from your mobile operator and one from another mobile operator through the Mobile Plans app), you can switch between them at any time. Select Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Cellular to choose a data plan. To use your mobile operator SIM card, select SIM1 for Use this SIM for cellular data. To use the data plan on your eSIM, do one of the following, depending on which Surface with LTE Advanced model you have:

GSM carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile have a longstanding culture of knowing that their SIM cards may be put into random devices. Verizon comes from a different culture where it assumes a tighter tie between device and SIM card. So sometimes straight-up swapping SIMs between Verizon phones just doesn't work.

To clarify, I bought an unlocked version of the iPhone 12 from Apple and used it to upgrade my older Verizon iPhone 6s. The new unlocked iPhone 12 from Apple did not come with a physical SIM card. It has a virtual or e-SIM card that is 5g compatible, per Verizon. So I initially took my old SIM card from the 6s and put it in my new iPhone 12 just to get on the Verizon network and begin using my new iPhone with 4G. Then I got on the phone with Verizon to activate the phone onto the new 5g network by providing requested ID info about my new phone. Alternatively Verizon can send you a new 5G SIM card although for me everything was done virtually and I now have 5G connectivity.

Not if you said you wanted an unlocked phone without Verizon service--in that case you'll get no SIM card and will have to get one for your current plan. If you don't have a current plan and opted for a Verizon one from the Apple store, it should come with it.

I was wondering about that, I bought a new iPhone 12 non-carrier specific but when I opened the SIM card tray to put my sim in it already had a Verizon SIM card in it. Is this normal or did someone repackage a customer exchange and sold as new to me?

iPhone 5 owners who opted for the Verizon model have discovered the device ships with an unlocked nano-SIM card slot, even if the device was bought under contract at a subsidized rate and did not pay the full unlocked price. This is excellent news for travelers or for anyone who wants to immediately get access to an unlocked iPhone 5 without waiting for them to be officially available.

Currently, iPhone 5 bought through AT&T are locked to their network under the terms of the two-year contract agreement, though anyone is welcome to try unlocking it through them anyway. Compelling cases may be honored, but typically AT&T does not unlock the iPhone sim card slot until the contract agreement is up.

Free service plan will be automatically applied in reserve after your new SIM card is activated. Phone must be unlocked before activating new SIM card. You must enter your phone number to see your offer.

Apple's removal of the SIM card slot from the iPhone 14 has everyone guessing when the next phone manufacturer will follow suit. Just like the headphone jack in 2016, physical SIM cards are likely seeing their last days. Android phones haven't removed the slot yet, but most support eSIM alongside the physical SIM card. Android devices that support eSIM include all the best Android phones, so grab one if you're looking to get a headstart on eSIM with an Android flagship.

All three major U.S. carriers support eSIM. We walk you through how to download and activate an eSIM for each on iOS and Android. Are you unsure whether it's worth switching to eSIM? Read our comparison of all types of SIM cards to get up to date.

Purchasing an eSIM is done while purchasing your phone plan. Even if you plan solely to use eSIM, your carrier may send you a physical SIM card anyway. Once you've purchased it, you'll need to activate it.

Despite their advantages over physical SIM cards, eSIMS might not be the best solution for you. Many people rely on swapping out SIM cards, which is easier with physical SIMs. If you're looking to save money with one of the best prepaid phone plans, note that most MVNOs don't support eSIM.

SIM cards give you access to your wireless service provider's mobile data network so you can make calls, send messages, and more. They are a vital part of your Galaxy phone - otherwise, you wouldn't be able to do anything! It's important to know how to insert and remove a SIM card just in case you ever need to change it for a new one. 041b061a72


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