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Carter Walker
Carter Walker

Rush Hour 3(2007)

As the summer ends, there is a rush to dump failed projects on the market.This weekend there are five films opening up in various degrees of wide release from a few hundred to a couple of thousand. However, while there's a lot of competition, Superbad has the inside track to repeat on top. More...International Top Five - Simpsons Streak is Summer's BestAugust 22nd, 2007

Rush Hour 3(2007)

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The opening scene, with Carter in uniform in the middle of a busy LA intersection, nominally directing traffic while in fact starring in his own imaginary music video listening to headphones, sets the tone for much of the next hour. Eyes closed, hips gyrating, grabbing his crotch, Carter writhes amid traffic until the inevitable happens and he finds himself surrounded by a multi-vehicle accident. Unfazed, Carter zeroes in on a convertible with a pair of scantily clad, curvaceous motorists, whom he cuffs and drapes over the hood of their car, then tries to set up for a double date with himself and Lee. He even confiscates their driver licenses as collateral to ensure that they show up for their date. Are you laughing yet? 041b061a72


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