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[S7E1] On The Brink

Charley struggled to feel a part of this family. Her determination, intelligence, and love helped save it from the brink. And with Sam Landry again trying to destroy the family farm, it feels like they need her now more than ever.

[S7E1] On the Brink

The Coliers of Cleveland, Georgia, are a blended family on the brink. Dad Jason coddles his three young sons under the age of 5, but is hostile to his 13-year-old stepdaughter, Madison, whom he adopted last year. Jason showers his little boys with affection but his relationship with Madison is frosty and contentious - she doesn't call him "Dad" and says he doesn't seem like one; he counters by saying she's a pathological liar and carries on "like a moron." Jason also spoon feeds his three-year-old and holds the older boys back from gaining valuable life skills by doing everything for them. Stay-at-home mom Dawn feels caught in the middle when Jason clashes with Madison and undermines her time-out attempts with the toddlers, but Jo pushes the couple to closely examine whether or not they want to continue in this marriage. Can "Supernanny" set this family on a better track?

Jo visits the Potter family. Joy and Chris have four children: Noah is 10, Ryan is 7, Jake is 5, and Alexa is 4 (Alexa is the only girl in the Potter family). Day after day both parents are constantly disrespected by their children and try to run their household with different styles. Joy's parenting style is passive and the kids walk all over her. On the other hand, father Chris is very extreme. Chris's temper is out of control, he constnatly yells at and scares his children and its straining his relationship with his kids, especially Noah. Noah has a strained relationship with his father, who berates him as a brat when he's angry. Chris feels that Joy is undermining him by challenging his parenting style, which how his own mother didn't do with his father when he was growing up. Jo observes that Joy isn't consistent with discipline and that Chris could break Noah's spirit if things don't change. Joy tells Jo sadly that her marriage is at risk if she and Chris don't get on the same page. Can Jo knock some sense into Chris and rescue his marriage from the brink before he ruins his relationships for good?

Joe and Clarissa are on the brink of divorce. Joe's new career as a police officer causes Clarissa to deal with all four rambunctious kids all day long. There's no balance between their parental obligations, leaving Clarissa feeling isolated. Can Nanny Jo help this family balance their dynamic?

"Time Zones" was a moody and reflective episode that, in two shots, showed the highs and lows of Being Don Draper (opening with "I'm a Man" by the Spencer Davis Group, and closing with Vanilla Fudge's cover of "You Keep Me Hanging On"). Which way will he go from here? Don's path is not the only uncertain one. As Peggy collapses on the floor, exhausted from giving everything for a job which is giving her less and less, the hour feels on the brink of catharsis. For everyone's sake, let's hope it's one that leads to -- as Pete might put it -- some better vibes.

Your wedding was everything you'd hoped it would be, until the Union crashed it. The life of an Admiral's wife isn't easy-when Union soldiers aren't knocking down your door, the evil ravages planet after planet. Antares will be brought to the brink as you both try to stop the evil while handling a declaration of war!

After the suspicious death of Roger, one of the employees of The Butchery On Main, Ivy organized an informal meeting between Dr. Vincent and Ally at their house, worried about Ally's paranoia. When questioned by Detective Samuels about the murder of the employee, Ivy defended the police's primary suspect, Pedro Morales, another kitchen worker of their restaurant. Trying to raise the incomes of the restaurant following the murder investigation, Ivy was working when there was a general blackout in the city and she did not care much about Ally's phone call, on the brink of yet another nervous breakdown.[4] She sent Pedros over to give her some things to help her wife like candles, which he brought to her. 041b061a72


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