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[S2E10] The Dark Hearts Of Men

  • As Madani and Krista debate who's worth saving, Frank prepares to storm Russo's territory. A brutal encounter pushes Pilgrim back into old habits.Tropes After Action Patch Up: At the beginning of the episode, we cut back and forth between Pilgrim tending to his wounds and the fight with the Nazis which show how he got said wounds. This includes pulling teeth out of his scalp after a headbutt he gave a punk earlier in the night and resetting a dislocated jaw.

  • The Anticipator: Billy is shown to be watching Curtis and Frank as they watch the warehouse his men are in. He then waits till Frank attacks and lures him into his trap.

  • Asshole Victim: Nobody is gonna shed a tear for the Nazis that Pilgrim brutally slaughtered.

  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Krista Dumont manipulates Madani into thinking that she wants to become her friend, when in reality, she is simply collecting information about Frank for Billy.

  • Blatant Lies: After Pilgrim killed off his old Nazi gang, Danny, who set Pilgrim for an ambush, claims he had no idea they'd try to kill him.

  • Blinded by the Light: Frank is lured into a dark room, then disoriented with strobe lights. We also get the audio version as incredibly loud music strobes on and off.

  • Brutal Brawl: Pilgrim is confronted with his former Nazi gang who try to kill him. It doesn't end well for all involved.

  • Bond Villain Stupidity: Billy has Frank dead to rights and doesn't finish him. Turns out to be justified, he had something much worse in mind.

  • Cruel Mercy: Billy doesn't kill Frank when had the chance because he wanted to trick him into thinking he'd killed a trio of innocent women who were still in the building.

  • Downer Ending: Frank fails to kill Billy, who escapes again. Even worse, his attempts to kill Billy led to him believe he'd accidentally killed innocent people, so he makes no attempt to flee the police when they come to arrest him.

  • Flashback: Of Billy and Frank as young men in the military, being given some kind of initiation beating by their comrades. Repeated later when Billy has his men give Frank a brutal beat down.

  • Foil: Pilgrim shows himself to be Frank's equivalent in terms of taking and dealing damage, and a self-righteous prick who believes his code puts him above the law.

  • Heroic BSoD: Combined with My God, What Have I Done?, when Frank sees that he accidentally killed a bunch of innocent women. He is so shocked that he doesn't even react when the police come to apprehend him.

  • Heroic Second Wind: Russo's men ambush Frank and begin beating him. He gets a second wind once his bulletproof vest is stabbed. He then proceeds to bite the guy who stabbed him, then get up and slaughter the rest.

  • Hookers and Blow: The already high and drunk Pilgrim takes over an orgy from a neighbor at whatever seedy hotel he's based at.

  • In Vino Veritas: Dr. Dumont shares a bottle of wine with Agent Madani and starts asking her about Castle and Russo.

  • Jumping Off the Slippery Slope: Up until now, Krista Dumont only appeared to be a somewhat reluctant accessory to Billy's crimes. At the end of the episode, she is revealed to have deliberately manipulated Madani in order to get the secret out of her on how to break Castle - by making him accidentally kill innocent people.

  • Made of Iron: Frank, of course, being stabbed, kicked and brutalized in various other ways by a huge number of Billy's men and still managing to kill them all.

  • Pilgrim could give Frank a run for his money with how much damage he is able to sustain.

  • Man Hug: Curtis and Frank share one before they take on Billy. In a flashback to their training in Special Forces (which involves them running through a gauntlet of fellow trainees hitting in the face), Frank and Billy shared one too.

  • Manipulative Bastard: Krista calls Madani to her place to talk and gather information about Castle so Russo can finally punish the Punisher.

  • The Medic: Frank points out that Curtis trained to put people back together and not to kill, like the rest of them. He later tries to patch up a man he's shot, to no avail.

  • My God, What Have I Done?: Frank suffers from a Heroic BSoD when he believes that his attempts to kill Billy led to him killing three innocent people. He doesn't even attempt to flee the police who came to arrest him.

  • Pilgrim tells the prostitute giving him a blow job to Get Out! after he hallucinates the dying wife he left behind.

  • Never Hurt an Innocent: Frank doesn't attack until the girls have left the Valhalla headquarters. Turns out Billy is keeping other girls in an upstairs room, which he tricks Frank into firing into.

  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Pilgrim kills the leader of the Nazis by brutally bashing his head in, with his bare hands (more specifically, one hand).

  • "Not So Different" Remark: Repeatedly pointed out by several people in regards to Billy and Frank.

  • Not So Similar: However, both Madani and Curtis point out that there is still a lot that separates Frank from Billy, most notably his unwillingness to hurt innocent people.

  • Madani and Krista appear to form a bond until The Reveal that the latter is just using the former to find out Frank's weaknesses.

  • Off the Wagon: After the brutal fight with the Nazis, Pilgrim finally has a glass of scotch after refusing to drink in the previous episode. Then he steals some cocaine from a dead Nazi. Then he goes into the hotel room next to his and steals a prostitute away from the poor sap who hired them. Essentially, he goes right back to his old habits due to the massive amount of pain he was in.

  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: The episode opens with the normally hands-off Pilgrim coated in blood, the normally pious Pilgrim doing a line of coke off his hand. The episode continues to show him going off the rails, doing a full Hookers and Blow orgy before finally coming back to his senses thanks toa hallucination of his dying wife.

  • Price on Their Head: Curtis mentions someone could do a lot with the $5 million bounty on Amy and Frank's head.

  • Resignations Not Accepted: The Nazi gang didn't take kindly at Pilgrim for leaving them.

  • Right Through the Wall: The person in the hotel room next to Pilgrim's seems to have hired a prostitute and called someone to get Molly.

  • Rousing Speech: Billy gives a good one to ensure Valhalla are willing to take on the Punisher.

  • Teeth Flying: Inverted: Pilgrim headbutts one Nazi so hard that after the fight, he pulls two of his teeth from his scalp, where they'd lodged after the impact.

  • Try Not to Die: Before the confrontation with Russo, Curtis tells Frank not to get himself killed.

  • Undying Loyalty: Russo's men are now ready to die for him. Which turns out to be literally, because he's setting them up just to lure Frank into his trap. Curtis even compares them to the Hashshashin.

  • Villain Has a Point: While Dumont is obviously in no position to judge, given her affiliation with Billy, she does have a point about Frank, in that what he does is still clearly not right, no matter his motivations. Irredeemable scum though they are, the Nazi leader does have a point when he chastises Pilgrim not for just leaving, but taking a hefty chunk of their money with him, too. Did he really think they'd just let that go?

  • What Measure Is a Mook?: A great deal, in Curtis' eyes, as he warns several of Billy's men not to come closer and then just wounds them, telling them to run away. And Philip, the only one that actually dies, really gets to him.

[S2E10] The Dark Hearts of Men

I was petrified for Christina when Frank took it upon himself to go visit her -- almost certain that he would kill her. What a perfect way to fulfill his dark desire and get back at the man who's out to get him.

It's kind of amazing that the show was able to pull off so much happiness in the last few minutes of the finale and not make viewers want to puke. In fact, I found this episode delightful and hilarious, even in its darkest moments, and I still wanted more.

They arrive at the church, to see members, all of whom wear white gowns and red turbans, walking inside. Scully expresses her doubt as to the involvement of the Church, where Richard Odin is preaching to the cult members. A young woman in front describes the 'Age of Aquarius' and that they are eighteen years from a new kingdom. She claims that the guides speak through her, allowing them to pass into spirit. Mulder explains the cult beliefs to Scully as they watch. Odin types into a computer that projects words of the sermon, while the reader dictates his words as they appear on the screen. After Odin notices the agents and the Sheriff, he encourages them to "Open their hearts and minds."

And thank you for the kind words Shannon, your fantastic reviews and pure love for a show that the mainstream TV sites seem to largely ignore is a beacon in the dark. The amount of times I check this blog during the week for new comments is probably not healthy. So, what can we amuse ourselves with while they make season 3.

I actually liked a number of things about this episode. Travis was at his best here, especially at the end, and I hope that the show follows this episode with him letting go of Chris. Chris has crossed yet another line, displaying once again that he has no moral center, no sense of right and wrong, only a dark, hollow place of selfishness and cruelty. Travis can't change that. He needs to let him go.

LuthorCorp's latest project is a corporate plaza in Smallville offering high tech office space with a variety of amenities, including fiber optic internet, open office plans, and a rooftop heliport. Joseph Willowbrook shows up to object to the construction and the foreman, Dan Hammond, orders him off the property. Late that night, the foreman is filling the vehicles with gasoline when he hears a noise coming from the trees. He fetches and loads a flare gun just before a beautiful white wolf comes out of the darkness and leaps on him, knocking him to the ground. The vehicle is overflowing with gasoline when the foreman fires the flare up into the air. The wolf runs away as the flare falls back to the ground and ignites the gasoline, killing the foreman. 041b061a72


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