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Christopher Evans
Christopher Evans

The The Mobius

Included in the exhibition is a wall of mobius, a circle with a twist that creates a single edge, created by mathematicians, members of the Easton Saturday Stitchers, a New Jersey spinning guild, and other invited stitchers.

The The Mobius

The MOBIUS OER Commons Hub was created to support the affordability and Open Educational Resources initiatives of our member institutions, promote collaboration between members on issues related to OER, and develop a consortium-wide repository of high quality OER content for faculty use, increasing academic success and reducing costs for students across the consortium. MOBIUS members can now curate collections of OER content tailored to the specific needs of their faculty and students, and contribute to consortium-wide subject collections of materials. Visit the hub at

MOBIUS Librarians can contribute to the consortia-wide OER Commons collections using a set of tags that were created specifically for the MOBIUS Consortium. Each tag correlates to one of the subject collections shown on the MOBIUS OER Commons Hub. To add a resource to one of the collections, simply add the appropriate tag to resources that have been found on, or uploaded to, OER Commons. For a complete listing of available tags, contact Christina Virden at

The symbol that indicates that glass is recyclable is composed of a triangle of three arrows travelling clockwise (but not folded back on themselves like the mobius loop) surrounding a figure throwing a bottle into a bottle bin.


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